Wield [verb]

Definition of Wield:

control, use

Synonyms of Wield:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wield:

Sentence/Example of Wield:

Did he have the brains to wield this money and make it mean something to the world?

And since his son is of an age too tender to wield the sceptre, the boy's mother does it in his name.

He was ignorant of the irresistible power which the dirty "saint" could wield.

Do you realize how strong a man has to be to wield such a weight as that lump of metal?

The mass of glass was also very heavy for the blower to wield.

My ambition is to wield the power that only the possession of vast wealth confers.

It is not fit that such fair hands should be obliged to wield the rod.'

He knew what she desired and what weapons she could wield wherewith to subdue his will.

Do you like the sound of the line, “I wield the flail of the lashing hail”?

But already they had begun to wield an influence on the affairs of the nation.