Wielded [verb]

Definition of Wielded:

control, use

Synonyms of Wielded:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wielded:

Sentence/Example of Wielded:

His influence had thus far been wielded only to secure his own position.

Only imagine, then, what the weapon becomes when wielded by the really wicked.

Hugh wielded the scythe the whole of the harvest, and Margaret gathered to him.

He received two hundred lashes with whips, wielded by two Lamas.

Natural affection was the sword, and God's the arm that wielded it.

Who were these that wore the armour, that wielded the ponderous javelins of Rome's legions?

After that she wielded her brush and broom with pitiless fury.

He sat on a throne by himself, and wielded a golden sceptre.

That sceptre you have wielded it wisely and well; I beseech you keep it.

Ferdinand and Maximilian had at times been dangerous; Charles wielded the power of both.