Wig [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Wig:

His red slave's wig is thus made a feature in the characterization.

Furniture builder, salon decorator, wig maker, and constructor.

It is so called from a fancied resemblance to a wig on a barber's block.

A little later her wig fell off, and for an instant her head was bald.

The Deemster's wig had been taken off and tossed on to the dressing-table.

Back in his room, Philip resumed his wig and gown and returned to the Court-house.

"My wig and gown to-day, Jemmy," said Philip, and he went out in his robes as Deemster.

Policy is a branch of wisdom, and wisdom they say is in the wig.

I could stake my life upon it she wears a wig, that her complexion is a 'made-up' one.

"If you think of buying a wig, I have one to sell you," said the landlady.