Wiggles [verb]

Definition of Wiggles:

shake back and forth

Synonyms of Wiggles:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wiggles:


Sentence/Example of Wiggles:

The lantern light was extinguished but she did not remember the lantern, or Wiggle.

Wiggle, appearing to sense the situation, began to bark up-roariously.

Wiggle appeared to claim the locust as a souvenir of the scout's magic.

Mr. Ellsworth, Pee-wee's scoutmaster, would have said that Wiggle lacked method.

We have made a drawing of Wiggle No. 11, and send it to you.

Sometimes they point, sometimes they wiggle, and sometimes they get together and snap!

I'll be sitting on your neck if you don't get a wiggle on with that rope!

To my mind, she'd sooner be slapped in the face by us than have us try an' wiggle out of the deal.

You wiggle your body in with more or less grace, and then you stand up.

Unfortunately your drawings of Wiggle No. 10 came too late to be engraved.