Wiggly [adjective]

Definition of Wiggly:

doubtful, weak

Opposite/Antonyms of Wiggly:

Sentence/Example of Wiggly:

Then he came to a lot of kind of wiggly things that went down with him.

The medico who ran the electro-cardiograph refused to make sense, after the fifth trials, out of the wiggly marks on his graphs.

Bunny was so interesting with her long ears and her wiggly nose, that Bobby stayed fifteen minutes, watching her.

Red verticals are five-minute intervals, the wiggly black horizontal line is the radioactivity level.

It deserves the name, all right,” commented Spider Sexton, “for I never saw such a wiggly stream in all my born days.

"Something warm and wiggly inside of it," answered Ben, stooping to examine the contents of the little scarlet bundle.

And then, just as the snake was going to eat the tarts Jumpo threw the sharp burr at the wiggly, crawly creature.

I wonder if Sammy Pinkney was here, if he would feel much like being a pirate on this wiggly boat?

So it isn't exactly a go-as-you-please place, and if you shut your eyes it still seems the wiggly hotel that we expected.

But what does he mean by the wiggly looking mark before the word center?