Wigwam [noun]

Definition of Wigwam:

native dwelling

Synonyms of Wigwam:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wigwam:


Sentence/Example of Wigwam:

The boys lay down as usual in the wigwam in the midst of the family.

The boys lay down as usual in the wigwam, in the midst of the family.

He then threw to them the morsel of moose-meat he had taken from the wigwam.

My father was a chief; he had plenty meat and corn in his wigwam.

He comes into my Wigwam on all manner of occasions, and with the absurdest ‘Medicine.’

The African magician I find it very difficult to exclude from my Wigwam too.

Evidently Caughnega had begun his work, for he was now ready to enter his wigwam.

Inside the wigwam, a deerskin curtain separated them from each other.

Into the heart of each there leaped the desire that she might tend his wigwam fire.

He says he was called to the wigwam of the Great Spirit in the sky.