Wildcat [noun]

Definition of Wildcat:

large cat

Synonyms of Wildcat:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wildcat:


Sentence/Example of Wildcat:

Meddling with wildcat stocks––asinine any way you figure it!

Soon all were standing close to the flat rock where the wildcat had been hit.

Cochise shot past, whirled, and closed in with the fury of a wildcat.

But whether they hit the wildcat or not, they could not tell.

I could whip a wildcat and give her the first two scratches.

There isn't a wildcat within a thousand miles of this island.

However, I'm no bargain and she's one-third wildcat, one-third vixen, and one-third cobra.

Raising the stone, he took quick aim and threw it at the wildcat.

The neighbor with whom we are stopping says, that, the night before we came, a wildcat glared in at her as she sat at her window.

"I don't mean to be tied up like a wildcat," said the captain doggedly.