Wildfire [noun]

Definition of Wildfire:


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Sentence/Example of Wildfire:

It spread like wildfire, and in half an hour all the town was in a ferment.

The news of this assault spread like wildfire in the little town.

The news will spread like wildfire over the town and county.

Word had already fled like wildfire through the hamlet that the squire was there.

The paper went like wildfire, and the town all but doubled itself in my time.

In that wind there would indeed be wildfire to race with the red stallion.

Wildfire kept to open country where he could not be surprised.

It took an hour of work to reach the point where Wildfire had disappeared.

Next morning Wildfire was not in sight, but he had left his tracks in the sand.

"Wildfire, I got a rope on you—an' a hackamore—an' a blinder," said Slone.