Wilds [noun]

Definition of Wilds:

land that is uncultivated

Synonyms of Wilds:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wilds:

Sentence/Example of Wilds:

But in the dimness of these two aisles lurks the spirit of the wilds.

There is a tradition that not long after this he “was lost in the wilds of the West.”

There wasn't a thing that could happen—it wasn't as though these were wilds.

Signs of human life are not altogether wanting in these wilds.

And Tresler, following her, was struck with the simple comfort of this home in the wilds.

I have lived too long in the wilds to be a pleasant companion.

In that house, in the wilds of Kerry, sheer loyalty could not be expected.

Shall I tell you how I killed his brother in the wilds of Colombia?

There was even a small dock—luxury unthinkable in these wilds.

Moreover, in the wilds at 50° below zero there is the most complete silence.