Wile [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Wile:

Now, by some pretext, by some wile, he must live to see her once more.

Without a double of any kind,—a creature that does not know a wile or a stratagem!

But I had rather she had more earthliness and wile than be the pawn of Venice.

When every other wile had been tried in vain, he got Archie to propose a game with forfeits.

She would be possessed of every art and wile of the women of her trade.

When they paid their checks they wooed her with every wile known to Cupid's art.

The lion was indeed aroused at last, and whip or goad or wile of no avail.

You looked for wile, for cunning, for self-seeking,—and they were not there.

Wile we was etin them, I axt Maria who the Georgie was who tuk her out.

There was nothing left for him but to wait and wile away the time.