Wiles [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Wiles:

Al. “Hud a phyd,” “The valour of the forward Elphin had recourse to wiles and stratagems.”

But with the captain her wiles were not so readily successful.

Who ever equalled us in all the wiles and schemes of mankind?

She has wiles and ways which, with her beauty, make her nigh irresistible.'

But for her and her wiles I had never been married to your father!

It is simply that the wiles of the East Wind are too much for its fundamental honesty.

He will hold the reins and he will be proof against the wiles of your agents.

I marked her artifices and her cunning, and resolved to be equal to all her wiles.

What easy prey these poor people are to the wiles of the trader!

Asher Merriwell had been snared by the wiles of an adventuress, and he had married her.