Wiliness [noun]

Definition of Wiliness:


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Sentence/Example of Wiliness:

Garnache went about sounding the man with a wiliness peculiarly his own.

Bobby smiled up at him in smug satisfaction over his own wiliness.

I will watch with the wiliness of a snake, that I may sting with its venom.

"What the brethren wanted in strength they had in wiliness," he says.

It depends a lot upon the wiliness of the fox he's in pursuit of.

Love had already given strength and wiliness to the countess.

I asked with a still further meekness that was the depths of wiliness.

Who knowing their wiliness, saith to them: Why tempt you me?

Perhaps it was the reputation for wiliness Forrest had earned which put the Yankee commander on his guard.

William was strong and wily, and it was this combination of strength and wiliness which enabled him to bear down all opposition.