Willful [adjective]

Definition of Willful:

stubborn, obstinate

Synonyms of Willful:

Opposite/Antonyms of Willful:

Sentence/Example of Willful:

But though Pauline was willful, she had other and great and noble qualities.

But young girls are willful, and the upshot of the whole matter was—she eloped with him.

Mrs. Kemp knew no other than her beautiful, willful niece's pleasure.

And willful too—he just mopes around because he wants to show me I'm wrong.

He was selfish, willful, and obstinate at two-and-thirty as he had been at ten years of age.

He was a willful man, with a good deal of granite in his make-up.

Tis hard for Dunces to understand this as all willful Fools are.

Ignorant or willful disregard of the nature and welfare of an animal is cruelty.

I left them to manage their willful little folk in their own way.

Yet she knew that she alone was to blame—she, obstinate, willful, heedless.