Winch [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Winch:

In the circle in winch he moved, he was the friend of everybody and everybody was his friend.

I was awakened in the small hours by the rattle of the winch.

But Mr. Fotheringay never heard what Mr. Winch was going to tell him.

Suffice it, too, that the problem of Winch remained unsolved.

One of the footmen ran for the winch, and another brought a knife from the house.

The crowd that had gathered on the shingle worked at the winch and ropes.

We rowed to the ship and the line was carried aboard and tagged onto a winch.

A blunder of mine, when I went to the winch to get up anchor, settled the question.

The men had all they could do to get the boat to land and winch in the two loose lines.

Here was the winch, after much service, accounting for a grilse in Norway!