Wincing [verb]

Definition of Wincing:

draw back

Synonyms of Wincing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wincing:



Sentence/Example of Wincing:

Mr. Don rises, wincing, and Dick also is at once on his feet, full of compunction.

She saw the struggle of his smile and the wincing of his soul.

And how can she escape the wincing but by flinging out her heels?

"I doubt if you would believe me," replied Surigny, wincing.

He sat upright, wincing with pain, and slowly felt himself all over.

"It was not," muttered Billiard, wincing with the pain in his arm, but truly repentant.

He did what he could to conceal his wincing, and her voice changed its tone.

But I showed at the surface no sign of how I was wincing and shrinking.

"Seems to me you could have grabbed the seat," objected Joe, wincing with pain.

Then she turned toward her daughter's face which was wincing with pain and gazed long at it.