Windbag [noun]

Definition of Windbag:

bigmouth, chatterer

Synonyms of Windbag:

Opposite/Antonyms of Windbag:


Sentence/Example of Windbag:

Happily less, far less, than usual of the windbag about Sexton.

Since when has the son of a chief learnt to talk with the loud tongue and windbag swagger of the Amabuna?

With the inconceivably-maniacal Swiss quartette, who shout and caper, and produce hideous sounds from throat and windbag.

In his letters during this period, everyone who differs from him is denounced as a charlatan and a windbag.

No opportunity for Windbag to come into action; now is the time, as champion of privileges of House of Commons.

Now you mention the Evening Windbag that nobody pays no more attention to than kids yelling in the street.

The hour of all windbags does arrive; every windbag is at length ripped and collapses.

And Mr. Spurgeon was no windbag—vox et præterea nihil; no darling pet of old women whose Christianity was flabby as an oyster.

He shall not be a man of the people; else in that case he would be a demagogue, a windbag, a vox et prterea nil.

He was a knight of industry of the very worst description—a braggart, a talker, a windbag.