Windbreaker [noun]

Definition of Windbreaker:

personal outerwear

Synonyms of Windbreaker:

Opposite/Antonyms of Windbreaker:


Sentence/Example of Windbreaker:

He shucked his windbreaker because it would be more encumbrance than help in the showdown.

She ducked under a branch and he caught her by the hood of her windbreaker.

A young man wearing a windbreaker jacket and awkwardly holding a crowbar spoke first.

He looked well in windbreaker coat, cap, leather puttees, and his knickers were genuine Scotch plaid.

He slid his thumb across the black gun button as he set his windbreaker's edge on a line with Allison's aileron slit.

"Don't let Andy lose his windbreaker," she warned in an almost grownup manner.

She took off again and he balled the windbreaker up in his fist and took off after her.