Windfall [noun]

Definition of Windfall:

jackpot, profit

Synonyms of Windfall:

Opposite/Antonyms of Windfall:


Sentence/Example of Windfall:

The man who gets a windfall spends his days watching the wind.

I agreed to everything, and was only too delighted at such a windfall.

It's like a windfall, like a godsend, like an unexpected piece of luck.

M'Glashan's instinct told him that 'Lorrequer' was a windfall.

Snuffy's as poor as Job's turkey; it was a windfall for him.

Back and forth she patrolled along the edges of the windfall.

The clump of chonta trees grew a good five miles from the windfall.

Should she restore him to his mother by taking him back to the windfall?

The supply of fruits on the hill side of the windfall was becoming exhausted.

I left him gloating over his windfall, and plunged into haberdashery.