Windiness [noun]

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Terrence completes his circle right there and stultifies all his windiness.

"Windiness" and irrelevancy are the twin evils of conversations in fiction.

The author does it so well because he tells his story with great simplicity and without what I believe he would call "windiness."

If, as has been said, "windiness" is the chief fault of the beginner, where can he learn to correct that error more quickly?

Flat′ulence, Flat′ulency, distension of the stomach or bowels by gases formed during digestion: windiness, emptiness.

In excess, it produces verbosity, talkativeness, and "windiness" of expression.

The mechanical theory is a necessary reaction against romance that has decayed into windiness, extravagance, and incoherence.

The remedies which they use are large clysters, whereby they void store of windiness.

Flatulence is not inserted; but Flatulency is said to be 'windiness; fulness of wind.'