Windpipe [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Windpipe:

Then he gurgled in the darkness as if somebody's fingers had clamped his windpipe.

When deaf is squeezin' of me windpipe, I shall 'ave a laugh in it!

Overcoming a nervous contraction of the windpipe, I had managed to exclaim "Captain Falk!"

The stem of the tree or bush becomes the windpipe (trachea).

Careful skinning brings you to the neck and windpipe, which also cut off.

Out with thy scissors, and cut that cloth or thy own windpipe!

Posteriorly it opens into and is continuous with the windpipe.

Do not include the cartilages of the windpipe in the stitches.

The arrow had cut through an artery and pierced Hodge's windpipe.

The upper portion of the windpipe was severed, and likewise the jugular vein.