Winds [noun]

Definition of Winds:

air currents

Synonyms of Winds:

Opposite/Antonyms of Winds:


Sentence/Example of Winds:

Thus across all the globe there harshly blow the winds of change.

The bay is merely an elbow, half the winds blowing in from the open sea.

It was in the dead of winter, and the winds hung to the westward for a long time.

And up danced the Four Winds, and they said: "May we not serve you, too?"

What art thou when the 'winds' come roaring 'out of their treasures?'

The winds cooled them in summer; in winter, skins kept them warm.

There she broke down, poor thing, and gave the other seventeen to the four winds.

Many suns and winds have browned me in the line, but those were my pale days.

He ordered the Four Winds to lift her gently and bring her to him in his sky palace.

Even the winds shall not be quicker than I am in the work it is my duty to do.