Winners [noun]

Definition of Winners:

someone or something that succeeds

Synonyms of Winners:

Opposite/Antonyms of Winners:

Sentence/Example of Winners:

King Henry often looked in on these matches, and did honour to the winners.

The losers were vexed; the winners shrugged their shoulders.

Then, in turn, the winners were called up to select their prizes.

Of the winners, no American needs to be more than reminded of their fame and their successes.

The winners are crowned with a wreath or branch of the plant sacred to the god.

It was a hard law, that of the world: knowing only winners and losers.

Ironically enough, a great number of the winners had gone home.

There were whist drives with attractive prizes for the winners.

"Always imitate the behaviour of the winners when you lose," she resumed.

There are, in short, "winners" and "blanks" and betwixt the two, every grade of differentiation.