Winningly [adverb]

Definition of Winningly:

in a welcome manner

Synonyms of Winningly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Winningly:

Sentence/Example of Winningly:

Kellogg could talk, Heaven alone knew how winningly he could talk!

Altogether spring was to be seen and heard and felt, winningly insistent.

"I thought I would take the liberty of intruding on you," she said most winningly.

Yet he does it so winningly—that's the word, I think—that any jury would acquit him.

With all such he was most winningly tender, most intelligently patient.

"The amateur accompaniment is very painful," he said winningly.

He beckoned to them to come nearer, most winningly—but they gaily shook their heads.

“I promise to be good,” and she smiled so winningly that the nurse gave in.

And I may add that she was the most winningly dignified person I have ever known.

His face, flushed with fever, was winningly boyish and frank.