Winnings [noun]

Definition of Winnings:

achievement, accomplishment

Synonyms of Winnings:

Opposite/Antonyms of Winnings:

Sentence/Example of Winnings:

But surely that was the money, his winnings, with which he had replaced the thousand dollars.

I was, of course, awfully sorry and sent her half my winnings, which she returned.

Two more bets, and then he would pocket his winnings and go.

But I'd give half of my winnings if I knew what was at the bottom of it all.

Pierre, very hot in the face, pocketed his winnings and belted on the gun.

The old wreck had demanded five per cent of his winnings for tipping him off.

Besides, it is bad luck to part with any of your winnings while you are still playing.

He took your winnings, and then some, away from you as the price of silence.

Her percentage of my winnings had certainly been a disappointment to her.

I've turned over quite a few thousand credits of my winnings to you.