Winsomely [adverb]

Definition of Winsomely:

in a becoming manner

Synonyms of Winsomely:

Opposite/Antonyms of Winsomely:

Sentence/Example of Winsomely:

Ah, when shall I be able to rise up out of this lower life, and fly to her who beckons me so winsomely?

If you will, of your own glad accord, freely, winsomely take the yoke upon you--that is what He asks.

Those who have themselves learned the truth and are patiently, faithfully, winsomely telling and teaching others.

His 'friendships' and associates, so winsomely 'sung' of, will demand full after-notice.

He looked at me with his young blue eyes, eyes so bright, so navely inquisitive, so winsomely meditative.

She smiled broadly but winsomely, showing those charming beefsteak-polished teeth.

There was a demon of mockery playing in the curves of the scarlet lips, as she smiled so winsomely.