Winsomeness [noun]

Definition of Winsomeness:

physical attractiveness

Synonyms of Winsomeness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Winsomeness:

Sentence/Example of Winsomeness:

Is "the glare of publicity" good for her growth in grace and winsomeness?

A glimpse of the secret of all this winsomeness opened at times in the eyes.

There was a new little girl, but Rene kept her beauty and winsomeness.

He has the quality of winsomeness, like the violet and the speedwell among the flowers.

The winsomeness of Nell shone through the rough and prickly husk of her.

The year had brought her added largesse of beauty and winsomeness.

Into his expression came a lurking, half-shy ghost of winsomeness.

There comes a consciousness within of His love and winsomeness.

A winsomeness in us that will win men to us and through us to the Master.

At his own table he exhaled a hospitable graciousness which, from a man of known evil temper, carried the winsomeness of surprise.