Wintered [verb]

Definition of Wintered:

lie dormant; sleep through cold weather

Synonyms of Wintered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wintered:


Sentence/Example of Wintered:

They had wintered it and springed it, and clung to it through bright days and dark.

There they wintered, and there in the spring was born a son and heir to all the Blandamer estates.

Where they stopped they wintered, building cabins and starting "towns."

The following is the system I have adopted in the selection of the cattle I have wintered.

They are perfectly hardy, and can be wintered without any protection.

And the umiak and its crew of women stayed there, and wintered in that place.

They crossed the mighty spine, and wintered among the Indians.

Stocks possessing these points, can be wintered with but little trouble.

If they should be wintered in the cold, the difference might not be one pound.

They had wintered chiefly at Pau, but had left it a month past.