Wintertime [noun]

Definition of Wintertime:

cold season of the year

Synonyms of Wintertime:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wintertime:


Sentence/Example of Wintertime:

I'll bet the wind takes the hide off of a feller up here in the wintertime.

Mr. Vere Bertie was his chamber-fellowe in anno 1655, the wintertime, which was his rise.

Kastamuni in wintertime is a picturesque Turkish town, and has a character all its own.

It was wintertime and they were just plodding along in a line.

Wintertime had flown, and over all the country, springtime had blossomed.

In the wintertime every night when the stars could be seen, was sacred.

It is not always in the wintertime that the most terrific blizzards occur in the Rockies.

Charted designs for 45 beautiful needlecraft projects with many yuletide and wintertime motifs.

Back East in the wintertime we have weather; out in Southern California they never have weather—nothing but climate.

Wintertime, I wore a balmoral petticoat, osnaburg drawers, and er-r-r.