Wireless [adjective]

Definition of Wireless:

communicating without material contact

Synonyms of Wireless:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wireless:


Sentence/Example of Wireless:

Has charge of the Atlantic liners, wireless, and the seasick.

Our wireless experts agreed in pronouncing the theory absurd.

It was that the explosion had been caused by waves from the wireless telegraph.

"Yes, about the wireless," and Delcassé looked at him closely.

What wireless stations are there in the city of Toulon, General?

The boat-deck was almost deserted; the snapping of the wireless had ceased.

Perhaps it was that wireless installation, as you suggested.

The inventor must have left some trace—that wireless station in the grove.

From time to time we will terrify these Germans with a little blast of wireless.

More, from the wireless operator who is also the subject of The Master.