Wiry [adjective]

Definition of Wiry:

thin and strong

Synonyms of Wiry:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wiry:





Sentence/Example of Wiry:

He is a man of a slim, but wiry figure, about five feet ten inches in height.

She was a wiry woman, a mass of muscles animated by an eager energy.

A wiry, sharp-faced man he was, with a birth-mark upon his temple.

Though still slight of build I was wiry, high-strung and quick of movement.

Some were mounted; some led by the rein, wiry little bronchos.

This was Weaver speaking, a small, wiry man with a drooping moustache.

She thought to avoid him, but he was as quick as a cat and as wiry and strong as a terrier.

She was followed by a sheep-dog, small and wiry as a hill-fox.

He was a little, wiry man with dark eyes, which had a snap in them.

His hair was wiry and stood up from a forehead that might be called beetling.