Wise [adjective]

Definition of Wise:

intelligent, reasonable

Opposite/Antonyms of Wise:

Sentence/Example of Wise:

But how could you be a wise master without learning the craft?

Peart and cunnin', but a heap too wise fur you, son; take my steer on that.

His aunt, the Duchess of Savoy, is a merry dame, and a wise!

Solomon, the Wise, decided to provide them with a magnificent home.

Wise counsels, like those which gave us the Constitution, prevailed to uphold it.

I was the only judge, in my own wise opinion, of what was right and fit.

He always kept a group with him, and people said that he was wise to do it.

This was a wise resolution, and attended with the most salutary consequences.

Is it wise of you to expose yourself so much to the infection?

It was not a wise thing to do, but her anger prevented her from seeing its impropriety.