Wishes [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Wishes:

Stop her—say Miss Milbrey wishes to ask a favour of her; and Jarvis.

There are twenty men who will be eager to comply with the wishes of their minister.

It was ingratitude of the blackest character, to listen so coldly to his wishes.

Dear, dear Sir, what are settlements to one who has as much of her own as she wishes for?

Mr. Forest cannot find the type of girl he wishes for the part.

Signify to us, now, therefore, your compliance with our wishes.

Desires her to treat her freely; but wishes not that she should impute love to her; and why.

Let not your Clarissa be precipitated into a state she wishes not to enter into with any man!

Into the darker secrets of the Book of Wishes we will not penetrate.

It is said that boys will be boys; and one can only add one wishes they would.