Wishful [adjective]

Definition of Wishful:


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Sentence/Example of Wishful:

But, in spite of these ordinary defects, he was fond of his work and wishful to excel in it.

He looked at me real sharp, an' sort of wishful, and then he says, "You look like a good woman."

I can tell that Emily is wishful to pass through this structure.

I hoped that I was correct; maybe it was wishful thinking, but I claim that right.

We are weary of our voyage of discovery and wishful to arrive at the promised land.

I have been wishful to feel upon my brow the pressure of the great crown.

These terms were made in wishful remembrance of the ransom of Atabalipa.

Now Gunther, hearing his wife's kind words, was wishful to do her will.

It is not your corpse I will be wishful to hold in honour the way I hold this corpse in honour.

“Do not be so sure I am wishful to ridicule,” answered the Minor Poet.