Wishing [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Wishing:

"If there were any use in wishing, I'd wish myself on shore," said the second.

After all, one grows weary of every thing that is to be had for the mere act of wishing.

If my wishing could bring anything good to you, you would have everything in the world.

What can be your reason for wishing to give her in marriage to the sort of a doctor?

But about the Derby, I have reasons for wishing to win that race, reasons other than the money.

But she turned round, wishing to give a last look at the chamber.

The king, her father, wishing her to come to him, sent for her by a Count.

I heartily join with you in wishing her every good that life can bring her.

At last she thought she might speak, wishing simply to say: "Thank you, Monsieur."

I was now called on to ship, and was ridiculed for wishing to turn shad-man.