Wispy [adjective]

Definition of Wispy:

thin and weak

Synonyms of Wispy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wispy:


Sentence/Example of Wispy:

Then, as they cleared, the wispy man danced again, and seemed likely to die.

His hair, a wispy, sandy yellow, seemed as dimmed and faded as his eyes.

Some are close-packed and dense, like cumuli; some are wispy or mottled, like cirri.

His hair was mangy, standing out in isolated patches of wispy grey.

She had no teeth, wispy hair, and looked very underfed and starved.

The Professor-Commander was very old, with wispy grey hair and a network of wrinkles surrounding his eyes.

In the faint light, Barrent saw a very tall, thin, stooped old man with a wispy moustache.

The wispy youth shrugged his shoulders and growled some inarticulate reply in monosyllable.

A lanky youth in shirt-sleeves, with a mud-coloured, wispy face, was presiding over the transactions.

The coals of the dying fire laid strange tints of color on Kyla's face and shoulders and the wispy waves of her dark hair.