Wistful [adjective]

Definition of Wistful:

daydreaming, longing

Synonyms of Wistful:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wistful:

Sentence/Example of Wistful:

He turned round and saw before him the wistful face of Fanny!

As we entered the ballroom, her eyes were wistful, searching, yet not expecting to find.

He put on his spectacles and looked at her with wistful kindness.

There was a strange note of wistful pleading in the nurse's voice.

I did observe that you did cast a wistful eye upon my bookshelf.

I look at her for one wistful moment and then turn resolutely to my work.

Again, in spite of the gruffness, I felt that wistful quality in him.

Turl watched her face, with a softened, wistful, perplexed look on his own.

And he cast a wistful look on the dead horses that lay around them.

He gave a wistful glance at his companion's dimly outlined profile.