Wistfully [adverb]

Definition of Wistfully:


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Sentence/Example of Wistfully:

Her eyes followed him wistfully: it was not his habit to leave her thus abruptly.

For a long time he lay looking up into her eyes—longingly, wistfully.

And as he spoke, Cesarini turned keenly and wistfully round.

She continued to look at him, wistfully, searchingly, gently.

Mark looked about him wistfully, and his face brightened as he looked.

Her father's eyes, beneath their melancholy brows, looked up at her wistfully.

The latter regarded him wistfully, started away, then returned and whined softly.

Retaining it, he spoke, his eyes sombrely, wistfully considering her.

"I could eat a whole one of them myself," Tolto said wistfully.

"Especially when your eye rests upon our betrothal-ring," he added, wistfully.