Witchery [noun]

Definition of Witchery:

charm, attractiveness

Synonyms of Witchery:

Opposite/Antonyms of Witchery:

Sentence/Example of Witchery:

She laid back her veil and even in the darkness I felt the witchery of her glance.

Thus we are led to infer that the contradiction is an appearance only, and witchery of the senses.

It was the witchery of the music that called up the glorious past.

Here was Warlockian witchery, to be met by sane Terran reasoning.

What was there in her smile that should seem to summon one with a spell of witchery?

I ferret out all their secrets and can see through their masks; but I use no witchery about it.

Even after the thing was over the magic and witchery of it all rested on them.

Be that as it may, "Anitra's Dance" is the very essence of witchery and grace.

It is a witchery of social czarship which there is no withstanding.

There was some witchery in it, too, for it kept me awake over an hour.