With [preposition]

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The little shoe, whose silken laces had become loose in walking, lay in the road covered-with dust.

This garrison arrived at the moment when the insurgents, confiding on the Governor's promise, were with-drawing.

So late home to supper and to bed, weary-with walking so long to no purpose in the Park to-day.

And yet—can you understand it?With a tender smile and a tear, And a half-compassionate yearning,I felt her grown more dear.

But America had given the world a new form of transportation, trains that run without rails and with-out coal.

Potugin used to drive to his country villa with-233- papers, and be whole days there at a time.

Nomburs digitus bene alle nomburs at ben with-inne ten, as nyne, 8.

But yf it be so at one articul be with-Inne an hundryth, or by-twene an hundryth and a thowsande, so at it be not a owsande fully.

The nombre to be with-draw shalle be writ in the lower ordre by his differences; Write the greater number above.

This appearance continued but a few seconds, and then the jack-with-a-lantern played as before.