Withdrawing [verb]

Definition of Withdrawing:

remove something or someone from situation

Opposite/Antonyms of Withdrawing:

Sentence/Example of Withdrawing:

But if this goes on, it is the gentlemen who ought to withdraw.

Here is her father; withdraw a little, and let me tell him who you are.

Send an army into Attica, and compel the Athenians to withdraw their forces from Potidaea.

Boabdil motioned to the Moor to withdraw, and an alfaqui advanced in his stead.

The grey-haired gentleman had roused himself, and was preparing to withdraw.

They say that they are gone to the Town-hall to fetch the order for Tilly's horse to withdraw.

If he had only been able to withdraw the more rabid of his biting remarks about the Fathers.

Then you are not disposed to withdraw your name from the concern?

If they anticipated overthrow, why did they not withdraw in time?

Sammy was allowed to withdraw, and the council of two was resumed.