Withdrew [verb]

Definition of Withdrew:

remove something or someone from situation

Opposite/Antonyms of Withdrew:

Sentence/Example of Withdrew:

She withdrew, and presently came back with a note which she despatched to Mauburn.

I thanked her; and she withdrew to read them; saying, she would return them, when she had.

After his explanation Hank withdrew to the darkest corner of the room and was silent.

And leaning upon my Hannah's arm, withdrew to my own apartment.

These troubles in the Church so powerfully affected them that they withdrew.

Their fingers met, and he withdrew his hand with a quick gesture.

Napoleon withdrew his hand as sharply as if a bee amid the fruit had stung him.

Deliberately he withdrew his attention from the unessentials.

The tree hyraxes, out-screeched and outnumbered, fell into silence or withdrew.

Then she withdrew her arms, and this time he did not try to detain her.