Wither [verb]

Definition of Wither:

droop, decline

Synonyms of Wither:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wither:

Sentence/Example of Wither:

We never see Him bring the bud to the eve of blossoming just to wither it.

Keats and Wither will serve as examples with which to finish our argument.

In spite of all that has been said Keats takes higher rank as poet than Wither?

They will not wither in the least if kept out of direct sunshine for a few days.

If I had I would use it all to scorch and wither this talking of surrender.

You must gather your fruit when it is ripe, and not before, else will it wither and be tough and sowre.

Graffes are not to be disliked for growth, till they wither, pine, and die.

Dolly raised her faded little face, which sorrow could wither but not steady.

Might the tongue of her wither between her teeth before it let slip a word, and so on.

Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale her infinite variety.