Withered [adjective]

Definition of Withered:


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Sentence/Example of Withered:

She was thin, thinner than ever, and stiff as if she had withered.

She had loved him until he had killed her boy; since then, all her old affection had withered.

It was here that Roland got a look from Mr. Burnham that withered him completely.

I looked down—at a broken wicket and a withered apple by the stake.

Withered arms were round his neck, and loving lips pressed his cheek.

As he stirred, his hand came in contact with the withered flowers.

I have blighted and withered the affections of his heart to that extent that he is not sure of me.

He laid his hand on hers, which, old and withered and not very clean, lay on her knee.

The hero-worshipper in Buel withered, and the natural Englishman asserted itself.

The kindly feelings which had returned, now withered fast away.