Withheld [adjective]

Definition of Withheld:


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Sentence/Example of Withheld:

It was withheld for some time, and had only been recently exhibited.

Another honour, of greater import, was withheld from the conquerors.

If it comes, he may bless God; but if it be withheld, he must calculate upon it.

Where his fellow man had withheld, the filly had given her all and questioned not.

They were listening, straining unconsciously to get the meaning he withheld from them.

That smile, which I might have given, but had withheld, became for me a sort of symbol.

Bernard had the book in his hand, but he would not prompt, he withheld all assistance.

Thorpe would have darted after her, but Morland withheld him.

They said that Provence, not being among Charles's lordships, was not withheld by him.

One incident of his225 visit, however, he withheld, and for a purpose.