Withholds [verb]

Definition of Withholds:

keep back

Synonyms of Withholds:

Opposite/Antonyms of Withholds:

Sentence/Example of Withholds:

The Medium, nevertheless, withholds from him the secret of her art.

I thank St. Joseph for what he gives, and for what he withholds; yea, for what he takes away!

Belief that though he withholds awhile, he loves to be asked; and 5.

It gives or withholds the majority, but its mission is not to conquer it.

I shall be content alike with what He appoints or withholds.

Sandy conceals another name, which he withholds from Red Gulch.

Balthazar gives him time till the morrow, and until then withholds his anathema.

Does Montezuma believe the Sun would tell me what it withholds from its child?

Till then it were better to rest, for the night withholds the knowledge.

He is an oriental who showers favors or withholds them just as his pleasure dictates.