Withstanding [verb]

Definition of Withstanding:

endure, bear

Opposite/Antonyms of Withstanding:

Sentence/Example of Withstanding:

Thou art a strange creature, said she; there is no withstanding thee.

It is not nearly so capable of withstanding drouth as Rupestris.

In no extremity are we justified in withstanding him by force.

It is a witchery of social czarship which there is no withstanding.

In that case there will be some chance of withstanding their attack.

There is no other way of withstanding the despotism of appetite in any of its forms.

It's a withstanding of injustice, past, present, or to come.

Heloise had found no difficulty at all in withstanding this sort of reasoning.

The desire to know the truth, to see her if he could, mounted to an impulse there was no withstanding.

She was withstanding him, and his male super-power, and his thunderbolt desire.