Witnessed [adjective]

Definition of Witnessed:

observed and attested

Synonyms of Witnessed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Witnessed:


Sentence/Example of Witnessed:

Robert was not the only one who witnessed with indignation the captain's brutality.

It was at this time that a very remarkable scene was witnessed in the House.

All Americans have witnessed this idealism, and some for the first time.

For about five minutes it was the most frightful scene I have ever witnessed.

In this place I witnessed a new thing and had a strange experience.

She saw him in every position, and witnessed his conduct every day.

Naomi sees his hand in whatever occurrence she has witnessed.

Duncan witnessed all their movements with renewed uneasiness.

While here, Fleeming witnessed the outbreak of the Revolution of 1848, and heard the first shot.

The author was evidently amazed at all the sights which he witnessed in the monastery.