Witnessing [verb]

Definition of Witnessing:


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Sentence/Example of Witnessing:

"Without doubt, he could gather no confidence by witnessing our indifference," he said.

Her eyes burned with the horror of witnessing some irrevocable deed.

She knew she was witnessing the outward signs of a guilty conscience.

I had an opportunity of witnessing in his latter days his sincere repentance; and to this it is fit that I should bear testimony.

He replied, “I learnt it from the Ass, by witnessing his fate.”

I was led to the rear of the mud-house to preclude my witnessing the scene.

And, indeed, in our own country we are witnessing an example of this very thing.

May God in his mercy spare you from witnessing another scene like this.

He was spared the pain of either sanctioning or witnessing these transactions.

That is the lesson of history and that is what we are witnessing today.