Wittily [adverb]

Definition of Wittily:

in a clever manner

Synonyms of Wittily:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wittily:

Sentence/Example of Wittily:

The Germans, as a Frenchman wittily remarked, are born with the mania of annexation.

"I see you are in more want of troops than commanders," said he, wittily.

"No geese but ourselves," said Mrs. Peterkin, wittily, as they returned to the house.

Your room is indeed most desirable, as you just now so wittily remarked.

This criticism has already been very frequently and wittily made.

It has wittily been remarked that only mediocrity is ever wholly original.

In the Tuileries, as was wittily said, everything moved to the tap of the drum.

Hulot related his misadventures, as wittily and as lightly as he could.

He died an old bachelor, saying, wittily, that no woman would take him.

I never heard any one speak more fluently or so wittily as he.