Wobble [verb]

Definition of Wobble:

stagger, quake

Synonyms of Wobble:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wobble:

Sentence/Example of Wobble:

But when he had got away from him, his mind began to wobble.

But it burned like fury once it hit my stomach and my mind began to wobble.

A trout would not wobble and tug in that sullen, carthorse manner.

Of these explanations that of the 'wobble' needs some passing notice.

Ought its hump to wobble like that, and hang over all on one side?

It need hardly be added that it really did wobble now; a child might have noticed it.

Chinese ladies' feet are compressed to such an extent that they wobble when they walk.

He is really almost as broad as he is long, and how he does wobble!

His knees were inclined to wobble and his stomach felt qualms.

In the eighth, Markwith was plainly beginning to wobble in his control.